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SAJN is a name of modern system destined for uniformed servicesas well as for the civilians. It introduces complete system of intervention and defensive techniques with using of multi-task telescopic baton.The good points of SAJN system authorship of Jan Nycek are exhaustive combinations of techniques, which analogically are linked together in an effective defense sequences based also on the ergonomics movement.It's completely innovative development operates on a strict methodology, which makes the system is transparent, logical and easy learning.   

 Jan Nycek as a pioneer of Filipino martial arts in our country, followed escrimadors, using in a fight knives and sticks. Many years ago also inspired by practical applications of the telescopic batons, expanded his knowledge of techniques and develop them creatively drawing abundantly from Filipino systems. Finally, systematized and developed a program, which realized passing his knowledge in the form of training, and definitivelyin the form of a book which is the culmination of this work. Sajn is an excellent alternative and complementary knowledge for all martial arts practitioners.

Sajn is a system with three stages:

  • Stage I - offers a specialist education of a complete systemof using of multi-task telescopic baton
  • Stage II - includes professional elements of the learning of defense and fighting using knives
  • Stage III - includes intervention operations and hand-to-hand combat techniques

This system is intended only for adults,responsible and aware of their actions and consequences.

Jan Nycek

He developed many innovative training and educational programs, including the intervention techniques and tactics of fighting for the formation of the uniformed services.

He is the author of two books, "SAJN" (the world's first training book intended for the uniformed services in the field of use of the multipurpose telescopic baton), and "Combat Kalaki" (Filipino martial art). He is a highly respected specialist in knife fighting and defense. He is also a co-founder of the program for persons with dysfunction of the lower parts of the body for the Wroclaw Centre for Integration "Kaibigan". 

His experience and knowledge translates into a lot of training which leads across the country for the army, border guards and police. As an instructor of E.S.A. participates in many international projects dedicated exclusively for the uniformed services in Africa, Asia and Europe.

PFurthermore, it is a pioneer and propagator of the Filipino martial arts in Poland. Heir and the director of the Doce Pares Poland, as the first and only Polish, has been awarded and included to the group of Doce Pares Hall of Fame, at the World Congress on the Philippines by Grandmaster Cacoy Cannette in 2008. Through its hard work and consequences gained recognition of many Masters over the world, blessed with their trust, received an honorable positions:

  • Director of the World Eskrima Kali Poland Arnis Federation (WEKAF)
  • Ambassador - Director Cacoy's Doce Pares Federation in Poland
  • Director of Poland ITF Taekwondo (representative of Choi Jung Hwa, son of the creator of Taekwon-do ITF Gen. Choi)
  • Executive and Technical Director of International Combat Escrima Kalaki

He has high master's degrees in several styles:

  • VII dan Combat Kalaki
  • VII dan Doce Pares
  • VI dan Taekwondo ITF
  • IV dan Aiki-Jitsu

John Nycek is also the founder and president of the Polish Federation of Combat Kalaki (PFCK). Promoted throughout the country a new discipline, which since 2000, regularly organizes annual regional and national tournaments. He is also successful as a the Polish national team coach in Kalaki Escrima - Doce Pares, Taekwon-do ITF. His competitors are multiple World, European and Polish Champions (Philippines, USA, UK, Poland, France, Indonesia, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Korea) and at international events they have won 167 medals including 73 gold 56 silver and 38 bronze.

John Nycek among other things is multiple World Cup medalist in the Philippine eskrima and Taekwon-Do. He also works well as an organizer of many national and inter-state tournaments: European Championships in Wroclaw in 2003, World Championships in Paris in 2006 and the planned European Championship in 2011 in Poland.

Gained his skills by practicing with many outstanding Masters in the Philippines, Australia, Asia, Russia, Europe, Korea and the U.S., including:

  • Grand Master Ciriaco Cacoy Canete
  • General Choi Hong Hi
  • Grand Master Young Ku Yun
  • Grand Master Borys Bezjazcyn
  • Soke Brian Dossett
  • Dr. Andrzej Bryl



  • Stage I - the use of telescopic baton in uniformed services
  • Stage II - multi-level training in the scope of defense and fighting with knives
  • Stage III - intervention and hand-to-hand combat techniques


  • B Class Basic /assistant-junior instructor/
  • I Class Intermediate /regional instructor/
  • A Class Advance /national instructor/
  • M Class Masters /international master instructor/


Inform us about development, knowledge and experience of an instructor related to teaching in individual stages.


Are issued annually for a period of one year and entitle the instructor to conduct classes in the full range programmed of training. Certify that the Instructor is in constant contact with headquarters, and thus takes care of his level and actively improves his qualifications and he is up to date with all the information’s and changes.

In the matter of trainings and courses, please contact:

mobile: +48 501 044 012

  Sajn - Nóż - System 

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