The SAJN system, apart from using tools such as a telescopic baton and knife during an intervention, also includes a complete set of defense and hand-to-hand combat techniques.


Innovative sets of techniques, supported by surprising and effective tactics, result in the simplicity and effectiveness of the fight.

We teach how to use elements of steals, descents, kicks, strikes, levers, and proper movement. This allows to conduct combat in a manner that is as compatible with the natural ergonomics of the human body as possible and complies with the analysis of aggressors' behavior.



We will teach you:

  • Innovative use of combat in direct distance
  • Technique of defense against an opponent armed with a knife, a bottle or an ax
  • How to behave during a robbery with a use of firearm
  • Technics of kicks and hand blows, and defense against such attacks


Our offer includes trainings:

  • Individual and in groups
  • For beginners and advanced
  • Instructor courses




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