Mentor and authority for many martial arts masters and trainers


His techniques surprise with simplicity, and at the same time allow to rediscover the unknown aspects of strength and effectiveness.


Some call him a peaceful man, some call him Polish Bruce Lee - because they see him as a person with an innovative view on martial arts.



As an E.S.A. Instructor he participates in many international projects, intended exclusively for uniformed services in Africa, Asia and Europe.

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He has a qualified team of trainers and instructors, which is constantly growing.

Jan Nycek is:


  • The author of the tactical combat SAJN system for uniformed services and civilians.

  • The author of the book "Sajn" - the first book in the world, that comprehensively describes techniques and tactics of intervention with a telescopic baton for uniformed services.

  • Creator of the BRAVE tactical combat knife

  • President of the Polish Combat Kalaki Federation, and the first and only Pole to be included in the group of Filipino Martial Arts masters, during the World Cacoy Doce Pares Congress in the Philippines, in 2008.

  • Co-creator of the Kaibigan Program, dedicated to people with disabilities, both veterans and civilians.

  • Creator of the original self-defense training program for women

  • A long-term trainer of uniformed services, decorated with, among others, The Veteran's Star of Activities Beyond the State Borders, awarded by the Association of Veterans of UN Peacekeeping Missions.


Jan Nycek is also the founder and president of the Polish Combat Kalaki Federation (PFCK). He promoted a new discipline in Poland, in which, since 2000, annual regional and nationwide tournaments have been systematically organized. He also succeeded as the Coach of the Polish National Team in Kalaki Eskrima - Doce Pares, Taekwon-do ITF. His proteges are multiple World, European and Polish Champions. (Philippines, USA, Great Britain, Poland, France, Indonesia, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Korea) At the international events they won a total of 167 medals including 73 gold, 56 silver and 38 bronze.


Jan Nycek is, among others, a multiple medalist of the World Cup in the Philippine eskrima and in Taekwon-do. He also worked as the organizer of many national, and international tournament: European Championships 2003 in Wrocław, World Championship 2006 in Paris, European Championship 2011 in Oleśnica, and  European Championship 2017 in Krakow.


He acquired his skills by practicing with many eminent Champions in the Philippines, Australia, Asia, Russia, Europe in Korea and the USA, including:

  • Grand Master Ciriaco Cacoy Canete
  • General Choi Hong Hi
  • Grand Master Young Ku Yun
  • Grand Master Borys Bezjazcyn
  • Soke Brian Dossett
  • Dr. Andrzej Bryl