Our History

 „We are connected by passion and inspired by technique"


The SAJN system was created in response to uniformed services needs concerning the techniques and tactics of intervention using a telescopic baton.

The basis for the creation of the System, was the Polish Combat Kalaki Federation. The Combat Kalaki martial art, is based on the stick, hand-to-hand and knife fight, striving for absolute effectiveness while using the most simple and ergonomic techniques.

Basing on the excellent knowledge of  the uniformed services work, the creator of the SAJN System, Master Jan Nycek has developed and adapted training program and methodology, thanks to which the SAJN System perfectly suits real needs of uniformed services and applicable legal restrictions.


Right now, our team consists of experienced officers, instructors, trainers and Masters who eagerly share their passion and knowledge, creating a new, pro-defense trend in our country.

We are loyal to our passion and our teachers. We also follow the path and the philosophy of martial arts, which obliges us to stand only on the "good side of power".

Paying attention to our health and safety, we look for the best solutions that affect the effectiveness and ease of teaching.



We have already trained over 150 instructors in Uniformed Services


As a group of instructors and teachers, we care not only about our safety, but also of our relatives.

• If those values are close to your heart,
• If you are looking for effective techniques in the name of law,
• If you want to take care of your own, and your family's safety,
• Or you just want to go with us along the path of development and see an effective technique where you thought there was nothing left,


Join us!