The SAJN system is an effective and modern combat and defense system, in which we put pressure on providing our instructors and students with a complete set of self-defense techniques and tools.


The system has been developed to maximize the effectiveness of defense techniques, ease of teaching and simplicity of defense sequences and techniques.

That is why the self-defense system we offer does not require students to prepare themselves beforehand, and the age or physical fitness is not essential. Our instructors receive a complete training program which methodology allows quick knowledge acquisition by the students.

Techniques based on the analysis of the movement of the human body and the manner of action of aggressors, cause students to master the knowledge that ensure their safety in a shorter time.



We will teach you:

  • How to improve your safety so that you will not become a victim of an assault.
  • How to defend against various types of attacks, including dangerous tools such as knife, bottle or an ax.
  • How to free yourself from all sorts of grips and holds.
  • How to defend yourself in a variety of situations, such as in small rooms or after a fall.
  • Technics of strikes and counterattack kicks.
  • Defense against numerous attackers.


Our offer includes trainings:

  • Individual and in groups
  • For beginners and advanced
  • Instructor courses




If you are interested, join us for your first free training!